2019 First Stop Outdoors Team Bass Tournament Series

Rules and General Information


  1. The interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the Tournament Director. The decision of the Director shall be final.
  2. The Tournament Director has the authority to deny any person or team from participating in the tournament. He may also, with reasonable cause, disqualify any individual or team from the tournament.
  3. All tournaments will be held at Pebble Isle Marina (Trace Creek) in New Johnsonville, TN.
  4. All contestants are expected conduct themselves in a courteous manner while using the Pebble Isle Marina property and facilities. Anglers should exercise the utmost respect for other boaters, individuals staying on boats in slips, campers, and any other patrons of Pebble Isle Marina.  When tying off or docking before the start of the tournament in the proximity of houseboats or campers please be considerate of people that may be sleeping or have children.  Contestants shall park as directed by tournament staff and/or in a manner that is considerate of other boaters using the launch site.  Do not litter or damage any property including docks, grass, signs, etc.  Any angler that, at the discretion of the Tournament Director, acts disorderly or unreasonably jeopardized the relationship between Pebble Isle Marina and the FSO Team Bass Tournament Series will be immediately disqualified. 
  5. Tournaments will start at safe light deemed by the Tournament Director and end at 3pm.
  6. Safe boating practices must always be used. All contestants must adhere to the boating and fishing guidelines and laws set forth by the State of Tennessee/Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the United States Coast Guard. 
  7. This is a team/partner tournament. You may choose your own teammate/partner or fish alone.
  8. No more than two people are allowed in the boat.  Riders or spectators are prohibited from the boat.
  9. Only artificial lures may be used. Tennessee State Law must be followed in regard to the type of lures, number of hooks, size, etc.  Only casting, spinning, or spin-casting reels and rods may be used.  Maximum rod length is 8ft.
  10. All fish must be caught by contestants of this tournament, during tournament hours, in the mouth with a hook, on a legal lure. Staking fish, lead loading, swapping fish with other contestants, or any other unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.
  11. Legal tournament fish include Large Mouth, Small Mouth, and Spotted Bass.
  12. There can be no more than 3 legal fish in the boat at one time. Culling must start with fourth legal fish.
  13. Winners will be determined by the Tournament Director based on total weight of team’s fish minus any penalties.
  14. All fish must be at least 15 inches in length with mouth closed. Golden Rule will be the official board used.
  15. Contestants MUST use the official weigh-in bags provided by the FSO Tournament. Any fish brought to the scales in any other bag WILL NOT BE WEIGHED.
  16. Any short fish brought to the scales will be deleted PLUS a one-pound penalty will be assessed.
  17. There will be an 8-ounce penalty per dead fish.
  18. Any fish that appears to be mangled or suspicious in any way will measured and weighed at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
  19. A total of 3 fish may be weighed per boat/team.
  20. A member of each team must always accompany their fish and be at the scales when their fish are weighed. That member will sign off on the official scorecard verifying the recorded weight.
  21. Contestants bringing more than 3 fish to the scale will have the largest fish culled first.
  22. Contestants are NOT allowed to fish and are NOT allowed to cull any fish once they have checked in and their time has been recorded. * This will be a polygraph question.
  23. Contestants who are not at the official check-in point on time will be penalized one pound for every minute they are late. Any contestant more than 10 minutes late will be disqualified.
  24. Contestants are NOT allowed to trailer their boat until their fish have been weighed unless otherwise directed by the Tournament Director.
  25. Once contestants weigh their fish, the fish become the property of First Stop Outdoors, LLC. All live fish will be returned to the lake.
  26. Contestants must leave and return to the main check-in point by boat.
  27. Contestants may launch from any ramp but must check-in at registration table at Pebble Isle Marina during designated registration times prior to the start of the tournament.
  28. Each Platinum and Gold Sponsor will have one boat with first start positions respectively. All other contestants will have start positions based on the order in which their applications were received.
  29. If the field of boats is large enough to require multiple start flights, the finish times will be adjusted per flight.
  30. Anyone wishing to protest a score, rule violation, etc. must do so in writing no later than ten minutes after the scales officially close. The Tournament Director will provide a protest form that will include an area for a written description of the reason for the protest, name(s) of the individual(s) in question, and signature of the person making the protest.  
  31. Anyone fishing the tournament is subject to a polygraph test. There will be polygraphs given at every tournament.  By signing the tournament registration each contestant agrees to a polygraph test and that they have read and will comply with all tournament rules.
  32. Any team or individual who wins money or prizes agrees to have their photograph made in front of the sponsor board, banner, boat, etc. as per the Tournament Directors request.
  33. All tournament information, rule changes, start times, etc. will be posted as soon as reasonably possible at fsoteambass.com . Notices to check the website will also be posted on the First Stop Outdoors Facebook page.

Boat Number/Blastoff Order

Platinum Sponsor boats will leave out first, followed by Gold Sponsor boats, then the rest of the field in order the entry form was received.

General Tournament Information


Tournaments are 100% payback.  The Champion or 1st Place team will receive a minimum of $2,500 guaranteed.  All other payout will be based on the total number of boats in the tournament.  We try to pay at least 20% of the field with either cash or prizes.   

THERE WILL BE NO SILVER DIVISION IN THE 2019 SEASON.   Since all tournaments are 3 fish and competition should be close throughout the entire field, we have decided to discontinue the Silver Division this season.

Classic Qualification

The two-day FSO Classic will be the last tournament of the season.  The entry fee for the FSO Classic will be $250.  There are three ways a member can qualify for the FSO Classic:

  1. Any team that places 1st Place in any of the 3 regular season tournaments will automatically qualify for the FSO Classic.
  2. Any team that fishes all 3 of the regular season tournaments automatically qualifies for the FSO Classic.
  3. A team must fish at least two of the regular season tournaments. A team my pay the entry for a single missed tournament by June 15, 2019 and qualify for the FSO Classic.  All “back paid” entry money received for a team to qualify for the Classic will go toward the payout for the FSO Classic.  No teams will be accepted after the June 15th

Points System Season Champion

The points system will be based on the overall standing for each tournament.   The points system will include all regular season tournaments. It will NOT include the FSO Classic.  The points system for each tournament is:

200pts for 1st place

199pts for 2nd place

198pts for 3rd place

Etc. on through all the places

The team with the First Big Fish will receive a 2pt bonus

In the event of a points tie, the team with the highest overall weight of fish for the season will win.

The Season Champion Team will win plaques and prizes along with the first start position on BOTH days of the FSO Classic.

All tournament results and points standing will be posted at www.fsoteambass.com as soon as possible following the tournament.

Major League Fishing Style Tournament Qualification

  1. Teams that finish 1st place and 2nd place in any of three regular season tournaments or the Classic will qualify for the MLF Style Tournament later in the year.  (If on the second or subsequent tournament a team that has already qualified finishes 1st or 2nd then the team in the next highest position will qualify)
  2. To qualify for the MLF Style Tournament teams must also physically fish ALL the regular season tournaments AND the Classic. (Paying for the missed tournament DOES NOT APPLY to the MLF Style Tournament)
  3. If a team qualifies for the MLF Style Tournament but misses a tournament later in the season, then an extra place will qualify in the tournament they missed. For example – if the 1st place team from the March tournament misses the May tournament then the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team of the May tournament will qualify for the MLF Style Tournament.   The 3rd place team will be filling the spot of the team that lost their qualification. 
  4. By the end of the Classic 8 teams (16 individuals) will have qualified for the MLF Style Tournament.
  5. A regular season sub can NOT qualify for the MLF Style Tournament.
  6. Those qualifying will fish as INDIVIDUALS in the MLF Style Tournament and will have a referee in the boat during the event.
  7. Specific rules and regulation for the actual tournament will be released ASAP. The event will be as close to the actual MLF as possible including referees, penalties, live feed, breaks, etc. 
  8. Entry fee for the MLF Style Tournament will be $200 with 100% payback along with sponsor cash and prizes.
  9. The winner of the MLF Style Tournament will also receive a leather champion belt (like boxing and MMA events) instead of a plaque or trophy.


Alternate or Substitute Teammates

One alternate or substitute will be allowed per team per season. 

An alternate may fish ONE tournament without paying the membership fee.  However, the angler serving as an alternate will NOT be eligible for prize drawings or bonus prizes unless he/she is a member.

Prize Drawings and Bonus Packages

Unless otherwise stated, only FSO Team Bass Tournament Series members will be eligible for any drawing or door prize.  Members must be present at the time of the drawing to win the prize. 

All names of individuals who fish in the tournament will be placed in the drawings regardless of where they placed in the tournament or if they weighed any fish.

Porch, Stribling, Webb Insurance $250 Big Bass Award – PSW Insurance is a PLATINUM SPONSOR and a part of their sponsor package includes adding $100 the 1st Big Fish award at each tournament.  Also, if the individual who catches the 1st Big Fish has an insurance policy with PSW Insurance they will receive an additional $250 bonus from PSW.  Call Andy or Taylor Porch at PSW Insurance in Waverly, TN at 931-296-4271.  PSW Insurance does both personal and commercial insurance, bonds, and benefits.  Be sure to mention the FSO Team Bass Tournament Series when you call.

Apex Bank – First Stop Outdoors – PSW Insurance $1,000 Triple Crown Award – at each tournament there will be a drawing for the $1,000 Triple Crown Award.  If the individual’s name who’s drawn has an account or loan at Apex Bank, is a regular customer of First Stop Outdoors, and has a package (home, auto, boat, etc. or business) policy with PSW Insurance they will win $1,000.  Proof of the bank account and insurance policy may be required before the award is finalized.  Contact the tournament director with any questions. 

First Stop Outdoors – Customer Appreciation Drawing – Any member that shops at First Stop Outdoors the morning of a tournament can enter their signed and dated cash register receipt in a drawing to win a prize package.

First Stop Outdoors Appreciation Awards - First stop outdoors will be giving away thousands of dollars in cash and prizes for contestants wearing FSO logo wear and/or FSO logo decals on their boats.

Ultimate Swimbait Series – there will be a drawing for a box of Todd Ruth’s Ultimate Swimbait Series lures. 

Bass Mafia – Bass Mafia is giving away Coffin tackle boxes at every event.

Monster Energy Drinks – Free Monster Energy Drinks will be available before and after each tournament.  The Monster Energy Team and Sample trucks will be at two regular season events and at the October Apex Bank Classic.

First Stop Outdoors will hold special sales for members after each tournament both at the weigh and at the retail store.  Be sure to follow First Stop Outdoors on Facebook and check us out at www.firststopoutdoors.com.

Several other sponsors are still putting together prize packages including Deka Marine Master Batteries, Dacus Hardware, Orca Coolers, Stormr, and more.  Details of more prize opportunities will be posted as soon as they become available.

Please support all our sponsors to let them know how much we all appreciate their support of our tournament series and the sport of bass fishing.  For more information on the tournament, becoming a sponsor, or rules clarification contact David Daniel, Owner/Tournament Director, at 931-622-6341.


  1. Register Online
  2. By phone call 931-296-6887 (Ask for Crystal)
  3. Download and mail in registration form and fee to: FSO Bass Tournament, 330 North Clydeton Road, Waverly, TN 37185
  4. Come by First Stop Outdoors and fill-out registration form and fee